Sunday, September 26, 2010

Space Glitter

I love this combination of Rimmel Midnight Blue and N.Y.C.Starry Silver Glitter. First up is the Midnight Blue alone:

I didn't have any sunlight today but you can kind of see the slight shimmer in this polish. The application of this was really nice. The brush seems little bit weird (reminds of the Sally Hansen insta-dri brushes):

But, it actually worked really well for me. I was a little worried at first but I felt like I had a lot of control with this brush. This polish only needed two coats and dried fast. It claims to last up to 10 days. I don't normally wear a polish for that long, but we'll see how this holds up.

Next I added the N.Y.C. Starry Silver Glitter:

Kind of reminds me of space. This glitter is gorgeous with small flecks of silver that reflect all kinds of colors along with chunky blue and silver pieces. Plus this polish is super cheap ($1.99 or so, I think) and you really can't go wrong with it.

I ordered some of the new glitters from the OPI Burlesque collection last night so I will swatch those when they arrive if I get a nice sunny day next week. Have a good night!

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