Saturday, November 27, 2010

Party Hearty Dupe

I wanted to share this dupe for China Glaze's Party Hearty in case anyone is still on the lookout for that one. When I went to order it online, it was sold out and I couldn't find it anywhere in stores, so I just decided to pass on it. But today, shopping at CVS, I saw what appears to be an exact dupe by Milani called Gems. The one on the left, obviously:

The one on the right is just a chunky gold glitter called Gold. These are from some glitter collection that must be new - I think it was called Rock Star Glitter or something to that effect. They had a few other nice glitters, too, but nothing really unique besides the Party Hearty dupe. Here's a close up of that one; click the picture to see it more detail.

And here is the reason I haven't been posting:

Yeah. My nails are currently in a disastrous condition. It started Wednesday when I pretty much ripped the nail on my index finger clean off after hooking it on the washer lid. Then my middle nail snapped. Then the index nail on my right hand broke, too. It's probably going to take a month or more for the bandaged index finger nail to grow back, which is so frustrating. In the meantime, I'll try to keep posting...maybe nail wheel swatches or posts like this about polish dupes. Of course this would happen right after I get this nice light box. But hey, they will grow back eventually and my nails usually grow pretty quickly so I'm lucky for that. Oh, the polish I have on in this is Ulta Spice Drop. It came in one of those little kits that are usually five mini polishes for $9.99. This one was Too Faced Loves Ulta, I think. It's a nice pink foil, really sparkles in the sunlight.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sally Hansen + Zoya + light box!

Okay, since the daylight savings time change, it gets dark around here by 5:30. Since I don't even get home from work before then, I basically never see the light. Therefore, most of my pictures get taken inside in low lighting and they don't look very nice. Pretty frustrating. Luckily, my brother made me an awesome light box for my birthday so from here on out pictures should be much better!

Today I used Sally Hansen Plum Burst (from the Xtreme Wear line) and then stamped over it with Zoya Penny using Konad plate m78. Plum Burst is three coats. The formula on this was pretty hard to work with; thick and gloopy, but it evened out after I put on Seche Vite top coat. Penny is a great polish for stamping and I like the purple/copper combination.

I flipped this picture, that's why the text is backwards. Also, please ignore my cuticles...I don't know what to with them. I use cuticle creams and oils all the time but they still look awful. Does anyone have an suggestions for awesome cuticle creams besides Burt's Bees and Lush Lemony Flutter?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

NOX Twilight and Sinful Colors

Long time no blog! I hate that I've neglected this so much over the past couple of weeks. I'll just forgo the usual excuses and get right to the polish (and hopefully back to a normal posting schedule).

I was surprised when I found this NOX Twilight polish in Poseidon at Meijer. I couldn't find a display, just this one polish stuck in amongst the Sinful Colors. I looked everywhere, but to no avail. I had wanted to try this brand, so I picked it up. I'm not a Twilight fan, but the polishes looked interesting and I liked the bottle. This particular one is okay; the application was so-so. I used three coats, but probably should have done four. Dry time was decent. I decided it was missing something, so I layered Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty over it.

Overall, it's alright, but I definitely want to try some of the other shades so I think I might hit up another Meijer next weekend and see if I can find the display! And, as you can see, I cut my nails down. They were getting super long. I swear by Nail Tek Foundation II for long healthy nails and plan to do a post about it soon!