Saturday, January 8, 2011

ELF Konad & Nail Stickers

Hope everyone had a great new year! I have been pretty lazy about polishing my nails lately, but with all the new spring collections coming out I think I'll have to get back on it. I can't wait for the new China Glaze collections and the Zoya spring collection looks awesome, too.

A couple of new Konad plates came out this month. I ordered them from earlier this week and they showed up today (so fast!). I also got the Konad stamping polish in yellow. So I decided to use it with plate m82 over ELF Royal Purple. This is actually my first time using an ELF polish. I got this one in a set of three at Big Lots of $2.50 and it's pretty nice. Then I used a couple of small gems to accent the flowers.


Lately I've been seeing nail sticker wraps everywhere from all sorts of brands and I wanted to try them out.

I found the Broadway Nails and the Art Club Glam Nails at Meijer. I think the Art Club ones were under $5 and the Broadway ones maybe $5 or $6. Both had a fairly good selection. I found the Sally Hansen ones at CVS and there was a huge selection of really cool designs, however, these were $10! I had some CVS extra care bucks which made these only $5, but I don't think I would have paid $10. We'll see how they work out; I will post when I use them! The bottle is something I also found at CVS and decided to try - Sally Hansen Vita Surge Cuticle Gel. My cuticles are so dry lately and this stuff looks promising. I really like that the applicator isn't a brush but more of a felt tip like a lip gloss applicator that makes it easier to massage the oil into the cuticles. I just got it today so I'll update when I have a verdict on how well it works.


  1. so pretty! i want to try those nail effects! following you now :)