Sunday, February 6, 2011

Konad with Holographic Polish

I have two designs today. The first one is from last month using Essence Just Rock It! and China Glaze DV8 with a design from Konad plate m63. I really like this design and find myself using it often.

The next one, which I'm wearing now, started with a base of L.A. Girl Vinyl Record from the Disco Brights collection. I decided it looked perfect for stamping, so I used plate m57 with China Glaze LOL.

I love this leopard print design for some reason. This one and the one above are designs I just keep coming back too. Blue is my favorite polish color if you couldn't tell, and holographic polishes are great for stamping; they work beautifully. I also love how bright this is. I'm tired of winter and snow - I'm ready for spring!


  1. I like both manicures but the first one i think is gorgeus:)

  2. I love the first mani! DV8 is such a great polish to stamp with! Did it a few weeks ago over a black polish, that combination is very nice too!

  3. Thanks! Yes, I love DV8 for stamping and some of the other holos from that collection are great for stamping, too!