Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zoya Fire & Ice Swatches

All I can say about this collection is wow. Wow! Every single one of these colors is beautiful. When I put them on, I thought they were gorgeous, but then I went outside into the sunlight and was even more impressed. These all glittered so beautifully in the light. Each color went on smoothly and dried fast; wonderful application. Removal was easy, too. I'm so impressed with these so on with the swatches. All are three coats, no topcoat, although the last three probably would have been good with only two coats. I just used three to even things out. (All pictures are clickable to see more detail.)

First up is Tiffany. This is a gorgeous peachy pink.

Crystal. A light blue with gold flecks/shimmer.

Gloria. Kind of a raspberry with some gold.

Lisa. I'm not a huge red fan but wow! The sparkle on this one was amazing.

Sara. Well, my bottle says Sara but it's listed as Sarah on the website. I'm happy my bottle says Sara without an 'h' since that's my name. I love this one; it's another red, a bit darker than Gloria but so sparkley.

And finally, Valarie. Gorgeous blackened purple with shimmer.

So there it is. I love every single one of these; I don't think I can choose a favorite! Zoya is such a great brand with a huge color selection and innovative shades - these are no exception. I can't tell you enough how great these are, especially in the sunlight. They're just mesmerizing! If you get a chance to check these out, do it! You won't be disappointed.


  1. Wow, they're so damn pretty *__* Now that I've seen your swatches, I want to get Gloria, Crystal and Sara.

  2. Crystal is probably one of the prettiest ones! The pictures really don't even do them justice, they sparkle soo much in person!