Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rimmel and Revlon

I know I just got through saying in my last post that I'm not a huge fan of reds, but I guess I do like to wear them from time to time. Now is one of those times. I liked the last Rimmel polish I used so much that I picked up another one. This one is also the lasting finish pro but in Burgundy Flirt. Okay, so it's not a true red but it seems more red to me than burgundy. Another reason I wanted to use a red was because I wanted to try out one of the new Revlon glitter topcoats. This one is in Slipper with red glitter. Here's the finished product:

So these Revlon topcoats - I picked up this one and another one (I think in Galaxy) and, well, they look so pretty in the bottle, however...I really don't think they're that special, but I do like the big chunks of glitter. If you're interested, I got them on sale on CVS so maybe try there.

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